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i hate it when you’re walking along and you suddenly become really self-conscious about the way you are walking so you concentrate on walking normally and just end up like


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Will Young at Cafe de Paris →

A little video merge or my video clips of Will Young at Cafe de Paris Bright Night Event hosted by Pace Health of which he is a patron.

What the constant ringing in my ears looks like/sounds like



Will Young - Silent Valentine

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ITV commissions new run of films for its Perspectives documentary strand | presscentre →
Will Young on Rene Magritte
Having first discovered Rene Magritte’s art as a 14-year-old, singer Will Young was immediately struck by Magritte’s strange distortions of familiar objects and his subversive humour. So much so that Will opened his last tour donning a bowler hat and raincoat, so synonymous with Magritte.
In this film, Will goes in search of Magritte the artist and Magritte the man, along the way peering through the window that famously appears in his work. Following in the footsteps of this most famous of Belgians, Will visits Magritte’s place of birth, the site of a tragedy that struck the Magritte family, and ends his journey at Magritte’s final resting place. Directed by Michael Burke for Blakeway North.
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